Happy New Year Everyone!

It feels like forever since I’ve posted or created any kind of content for my own platforms in fact I went on a break that lasted over 4 months and I am back and of course ready to get creating again. Between school, work and my internship; it’s been hard to find time to film and create content but I think I’ve mapped out a plan to get it all done this year and to be able to post consistently. I can’t wait to share new posts, photos and videos with you guys so please get ready, make sure your subscribed and up to date whenever I post something new. 

What’s New? 

I moved back to Baltimore.

As you know, I moved back home to Connecticut in June 2019 and took a semester online while I saved up enough money to move back to Baltimore at the end of the year. I’m back and will be graduating MSU in the Spring of 2020. 

I started freelancing in photography, and marketing.

Hard work and dedication is finally paying off; I have finally started freelancing more consistently and plan to grow my client list this year. To finally be getting paid to do what I love feels so good and I can’t wait until the day I am able to work for myself full time. Until that time comes, I am grateful for my current clients that I have and am excited to see who I get work with next.

I am the Content Specialist for Mompreneur and Me.

I started out as just a social media intern for Mompreneur and Me and now I am the content specialist for the entire brand. I create content for the social media pages and the website weekly. Although I am not a mother, I can say that I have learned a lot about motherhood and what it truly means to be a working mom. Whether you’re working from home or in corporate America, Mompreneur and Me is a great platform to guide you and provide you with tons of up to date information and resources on how to thrive in motherhood. 

I am participating in the 52- Week Photography Challenge.

 For those of you who don’t know; the 52-week challenge is popular in the creative world and the purpose of the challenge is to hold creatives accountable for growing and developing their skillsets within their craft. Each week for the next year, I will be planning and putting together a creative photoshoot and sharing some of the BTS and the photos with you. See the images for weeks 1 and 2 here.

Plans for 2020…

In 2020 I want to focus on growing my business, financial security, and building stronger relationships with people. 2019 was such a drag of a year for me and I kinda fell off with being consistent in posting and creating content I went through a lot and let ended up letting my situation get the best of me. I definitely am in a better space now and want to make sure I never let myself fall off that hard again. I enjoy making the type of content I create and on my break from creating, I made a few changes. As you can see my blog is now hosted on my main site and there’s no more New Vibez (inserts crying face emoji here). I decided to combine everything under one domain so that it is easier to post more often, less expensive and I wasn’t really loving the name anymore. When I first started New Vibez, it was a platform that highlighted new music artists and people in fashion and the platform has changed completely. My blog is now a resource for entrepreneurs and creatives who need help and information in starting their own business.