COVID-19 Photography Archive

Let’s face it, most of us would be doing what we’re doing at home right now anyway. Maybe not all day cause of course we’d have to work but for the most part we’d be home with our families. I think the world is in a fuss about social distancing and quarantining because we’re being told that we have to practice it, stay home and be inside by a certain time. 

We don’t like being told what to do.

 I admit to being a little irritated about all the changes, but I also understand that the decisions being made are supposed to be to keep the virus from spreading and hopefully give medical professionals the time needed to find a vaccine. 

I also realized that there is so much I can be doing with this extra time now that my classes are online, and the hours have changed at my job. I have more time to create and I intend on getting as much in as possible while the world is at a more slow pace. Most states have curfews and everywhere in the country, if you plan on being in stores, you have to follow all the rules of social distancing but that is not going to stop me and it shouldn’t stop you.

As long as you’re safe, following the rules of social distancing and back home by curfew, you can technically do whatever you want. This year, I set out to do the 52 Week Photography project and although I’m behind have been trying to stay consistent with shooting each week. 

COVID-19 has been making it rough to get out but in these last few weekends I’ve been going out and actually shooting street photography from the car and I think it’s becoming a thing. I geard up with my camera, favorite lense, a mask and pair of gloves and set out to find some cool photos. Granted that businesses are closed and not much is going on, I found quite a few good images that I think represent COVID-19 well.

 The process overall was so much fun, I had a blast exploring the city a bit more since I am not from Baltimore . I also got to go to my favorite lake, it was closed but I was still able to get some good shots.

Check out my COVID-19 Archive, I will continue to upload weekly or as I go out to shoot so be sure to come back to see the updated gallery.

How are you getting through this time? I would love to hear how you guys are doing and if there’s anything I can do or share to help you or your business.

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