52 Week Photography Challenge

The New Year is when we make resolutions, set goals and start new routines. One of mine for 2020 is to grow my creative thinking process when it comes to styling a set or scene for a  photo, so I decided to participate in the 52-week photography project. The objective of the project is to challenge yourself to become better at your craft (no matter what it is). 

* You can use the 52-week challenge in any creative field to help scale your growth. 

Just like anything else, it takes practice to improve your skills.  The concept of the 52-week project is taking on a weekly photo assignment for each of the 52 weeks of the year. There is plenty of pre-made 52-week challenges out there but I decided to do my own. I wanted to focus the photos I create each week on specific things that I know I want to work on in my photography.

Each week I will post the photos both to social media, my blog and create a video or BTS vlog to go with it. Depending on the shoot I would also like to share how I edit the photos in Lightroom too.

Categories of Project Ideas 

  • Fashion
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle/ Street style
  • Product
  • Landscape